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  • 05-11-2014

    EJIL 25-3 is now online. Readers can access here the Editorial, the full text article of Michelle Leanne Burgis-Kasthala’s “Over-Stating Palestine’s UN Membership Bid? An Ethnographic Study on the Narratives of Statehood” and the book reviews. Take a moment too to look at the Roaming Charges photograph and our Last Page poem. Subscribers can read the full contents on the OUP website.

  • 12-09-2014

    The second episode of EJIL: Live! is now online, featuring an interview between EJIL's Editor-in-Chief, Joseph H. H. Weiler, and Oliver Diggelmann (University of Zurich) and Tilmann Altwicker (University of Basel), whose article "How is Progress Constructed in International Legal Scholarship?", appears in Vol. 25, Issue 2 of EJIL.

  • 13-05-2014

    Announcing EJIL: Live! The Editorial Board of EJIL is delighted to announce the launch of the Journal’s official podcast, EJIL: Live! Regular episodes of EJIL: Live! will be released to coincide with the publication of each issue of the Journal. There will also be special episodes on topical issues. Stay tuned in with EJIL: Live!

In The Current Issue: Vol. 25 (2014) No. 3


  • JHHW,
    Sleepwalking Again: The End of the Pax Americana 1914-2014; After Gaza 2014: Schabas; Peer Review Redux; In this Issue (free fulltext)


  • Jan Klabbers,
    The Emergence of Functionalism in International Institutional Law: Colonial Inspirations (abstract)
  • Michelle Leanne Burgis-Kasthala,
    Over-stating Palestine's UN Membership Bid?An Ethnographic Study on the Narratives of Statehood (abstract) (free fulltext)
  • Mark Chinen,
    Complexity Theory and the Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions of State Responsibility (abstract)
  • Joost Pauwelyn, Ramses A. Wessel, Jan Wouters,
    When Structures Become Shackles: Stagnation and Dynamics in International Lawmaking (abstract)

EJIL : Debate!

  • Mónica García-Salmones Rovira,
    The Politics of Interest in International Law (abstract)
  • Jörg Kammerhofer,
    The Politics of Interest in International Law: A Reply to Monica Garcia-Salmones Rovira (abstract)
  • Mónica García-Salmones Rovira,
    The Politics of Interest in International Law: A Rejoinder to Jorg Kammerhofer

Roaming Charges

  • Roaming Charges: Moments of Dignity: Keepers of the Sultan's Treasures, Brunei Regalia Museum (free fulltext)

The European Tradition in International Law: F.F. Martens

  • Lauri Mälksoo,
    F.F. Martens and His Time: When Russia Was an Integral Part of the European Tradition of International Law (abstract)
  • Rein Müllerson,
    F.F. Martens - Man of the Enlightenment: Drawing Parallels between Martens' Times and Today's Problems (abstract)
  • Rotem Giladi,
    The Enactment of Irony: Reflections on the Origins of the Martens Clause (abstract)
  • Andreas T. Müller,
    Friedrich F. Martens on 'The Office of Consul and Consular Jurisdiction in the East' (abstract)

Critical Review of International Governance

  • Shashank P. Kumar, Cecily Rose,
    A Study of Lawyers Appearing before the International Court of Justice, 1999-2012 (abstract)

Review Essay

Book Reviews

  • Edith Brown Weiss. International Law for a Water-Scarce World , Laurence Boisson de Chazournes. Fresh Water in International Law , Pierre Thielborger. The Right(s) to Water. The Multi-Level Governance of a Unique Human Right (Sara De Vido)
  • Kate Miles. The Origins of International Investment Law: Empire, Environment, and the Safeguarding of Capital (David Schneiderman)
  • Emmanuelle Tourme-Jouannet. What is a Fair International Society? International Law Between Development and Recognition (Ruti Teitel)
  • Lawrence O. Gostin. Global Health Law (Stéphanie Dagron)
  • Timo Koivurova. Introduction to International Environmental Law (Birgit Lode)


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