About the EJIL

Welcome to the website of one of the world’s leading international law journals. The EJIL was established in 1990 by a small group of distinguished scholars based at the European University Institute in Florence. The Journal has grown since then in size, strength and reputation, but the Editors’ original vision remains unchanged and is distinguished by:

  • its European orientation,
  • its emphasis on critical and theoretical approaches,
  • its commitment to publishing contributions from a diverse range of contributors, especially those among the younger generation
  • its continuing interest in the historical origins of the ‘European tradition’ (in the best and broadest sense) in international law.

This website forms an integral part of the European Journal of International Law and full-text articles of all but the most recent issues are available here in the archive. For the current year, one full-text article and abstracts of all the other articles are posted.

Our commitment to linguistic diversity

Originally bilingual, the Journal is now published only in English. While we retain a strong belief in the central importance of linguistic diversity to the continued flourishing of international law, the decision to publish exclusively in English is based on the fact that it enables us to reach the widest possible readership, in view of the ever-growing number of Europeans and others for whom English is the principal second language. At the same time, however, we warmly welcome submissions in French, Spanish, Italian and German. Where resources permit, we will endeavour to translate into English those articles written in other languages that are accepted for publication.

What others have to say about the EJIL

The most lively and interesting quarterly in the field of general international law, certainly in Europe, possibly anywhere.
Prof. James Crawford, Cambridge University

No scholar can afford not to read it.
Prof. Christian Tomuschat, Humboldt University, Berlin

A superb way to keep abreast of the most recent thinking being done by the outstanding scholars in the field.
Prof. Thomas M. Franck, New York University School of Law

The EJIL clearly has no rival for its coverage of new theories and the history of international law.
Prof. Martti Koskenniemi, University of Helsinki

The forum for reflective pieces on the theory of international law.
Judge Rosalyn Higgins, International Court of Justice

An indispensable, ‘must read’ source.
Prof. emeritus, Theodor Meron, New York University School of Law

The originality and high quality of each issue of EJIL has made it required reading.
Prof. W. Michael Reisman, Yale School of Law

Feedback and criticism

While the Editors are proud of what has been achieved to date with the EJIL, we do not wish to become complacent. We therefore warmly welcome all forms of feedback, including in particular suggestions for improving the content, the reach and the presentation of the Journal. Please write to us through our Assistant Editor, Anny Bremner at ejil@eui.eu.

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