Issue Vol. 25 (2014) No. 4


  • JHHW,
    Guest Editorial: Ten Years of ESIL – Reflections; European Hypocrisy: TTIP and ISDS; Masthead Changes; Roll of Honour; In this Issue; Christmas Reading? Christmas Gifts? Some Suggestions from the Editor-in-Chief (free fulltext)


EJIL : Debate!

Roaming Charges : Places of Permanence and Transition: On the Mekong River

  • Roaming Charges: Places of Permanence and Transition: On the Mekong River (free fulltext)

The European Tradition in International Law

The European Tradition in International Law

Critical Review of International Governance

  • Thomas Schultz, Cédric Dupont,
    Investment Arbitration: Promoting the Rule of Law or Over-empowering Investors? A Quantitative Empirical Study (abstract) (free fulltext)

Review Essay


Book Reviews

  • Friedrich Kratochwil. The Status of Law in World Society: Meditations on the Role and Rule of Law (Jan Klabbers)
  • Isabel V. Hull. A Scrap of Paper. Breaking and Making of International Law during the Great War (Oliver Diggelmann)
  • Mark Levene. The Crisis of Genocide. Volume I: Devastation. The European Rimlands 1912–1938. Volume II: Annihilation. The European Rimlands 1939–1953 (Peter Hilpold)
  • Marc Jacob. Precedents and Case-based Reasoning in the European Court of Justice: Unfinished Business , Valériane König. Präzedenzwirkung internationaler Schiedssprüche: Dogmatisch-empirische Analysen zur Handels- und Investitionsschiedsgerichtsbarkeit [The precedential effect of international arbitral awards: Doctrinal and empirical analyses of the Commercial and Investm (Niels Petersen)

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