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Welcome to the website of one of the world’s leading international law journals. The EJIL was established in 1990 by a small group of scholars based at the European University Institute, the Universities of Florence, Munich and Paris II and the Michigan Law School. The Journal has grown since then in size, strength and reputation, but the Editors’ original vision remains unchanged. About the EJIL


  • 25-09-2015

    The EJIL: Live Extras series comprises short video conversations with leading international law scholars. In our latest EJIL: Live Extra! our Editor-in-Chief Professor Joseph Weiler asks Professor Martti Koskenniemi whether the world of blogging and tweeting has become integral to academic life today.

  • 17-09-2015

    In this EJIL: Live Extra! our Editor-in-Chief Professor Joseph Weiler asks Professor Hilary Charlesworth of the Australian National University whether feminist theory in international law has now become mainstream.

  • 02-07-2015

    Grégoire Mallard has been awarded a prize by the Global and Transnational Sociology section of the American Sociological Association this year for the best publication by a scholar not resident in the United States for his article in EJIL, "Crafting the Nuclear Regime Complex (1950–1975): Dynamics of Harmonization of Opaque Treaty Rules." Click to read his full, prize-winning article.

In The Current Issue: Vol. 26 (2015) No. 2


  • JHHW,
    The Spitzenkandidaten Exercise One Year Later - The Unsung Hero; The Ballad of Google Spain; On My Way Out - Advice to Young Scholars I: Presenting a Paper in an International (and National) Conference; In this Issue (free fulltext)


  • Bernard M. Hoekman, Petros C. Mavroidis,
    WTO 'a la carte' or 'menu du jour'? Assessing the Case for More Plurilateral Agreements (abstract) (free fulltext)
  • Kirsty Gover,
    Settler-State Political Theory, 'CANZUS' and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (abstract)
  • Ilias Bantekas,
    Land Rights in Nineteenth-Century Ottoman State Succession Treaties (abstract)
  • Oren Perez,
    The Hybrid Legal-Scientific Dynamic of Transnational Scientific Institutions (abstract)
  • Stefan Talmon,
    Determining Customary International Law: The ICJ's Methodology between Induction, Deduction and Assertion (abstract) (free fulltext)

New Voices: A Selection from the Third Annual Junior Faculty Forum for International Law

Roaming Charges: Moments of Dignity: Doctoral Dissertation by Hans Kelsen – A Transgenerational Conversation

  • Roaming Charges: Doctoral Dissertation by Hans Kelsen - A Transgenerational Conversation (free fulltext)

Critical Review of International Governance

Review Essay

  • Mónica García-Salmones Rovira,
    Faith, Ritual and Rebellion in 21st Century (Positivist) International Law (free fulltext)

Book Reviews


  • Ekaterina Yahyaoui Krivenko,
    Schizophrenie du droit international (free fulltext)