Submitting Manuscripts

The EJIL Editors invite submissions of manuscripts focusing on international law issues.

Manuscripts can be accepted for evaluation only when submitted using our Online Submission system.

Please read the following instructions before proceeding to the online submission page.

Instructions regarding manuscripts

  1. Submissions should be accompanied by an assurance that the article has not been published, submitted, or accepted elsewhere. Articles to be published in a different forum within one year of submission will not be considered.
  2. Manuscripts should normally range from 6,000 to 12,000 words in length, including footnotes.
  3. Articles should include a 200-word (maximum) abstract.
  4. Authors are requested to consult and follow the Journal’s style-sheet.
  5. The Journal encourages authors to refer to research material published not only in English but also in other languages.
  6. The EJIL is a peer-reviewed journal. All manuscripts received are evaluated by our Editor-in-Chief or one other member of the Editorial Board and by one or two anonymous external referees. Notification of acceptance, rejection or need for revision will generally be given within 16-20 weeks of receipt of the manuscript, although exceptions to this time frame may occur. Please note that our evaluation process takes account of several criteria. Excellence is a necessary condition for publication, but it is not always a sufficient condition. The need for a balance of topics, the Journal’s particular areas of interest which may change over time, the fact that something similar has already been commissioned, etc., may also influence the final decision. Therefore, a rejection does not necessarily reflect upon the quality of a piece.

Instructions regarding submission of manuscripts

  1. The EJIL submission evaluation process is completely anonymous. Therefore, before you go to our online submission page, make sure that you have three separate files containing:
    1. a manuscript with no information to identify the author/s;
    2. a title page, which indicates the author’s name, article title and email address
    3. a curriculum vitae for each author.
  2. Click on the link below, which will take you to our Online Submissions programme.
  3. First-time users will need to register. Click “Register here” under “New User?”
  4. Once you are registered, click on Author Centre and follow the instructions for submitting your manuscript.

Go to our ScholarOne Manuscript Submission system now.

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