Issue Vol. 8 (1997) No. 1


  • Gaetano Arangio-Ruiz,
    The 'Federal Analogy' and UN Charter Interpretation: A Crucial Issue (free fulltext)
  • Peter H. Sand,
    Whither CITES? The Evolution of a Treaty Regime in the Borderland of Trade and Environment (free fulltext)
  • Andrew Drzemczewski,
    Protocole n{degrees} 11 a la CEDH: preparation a l'entree en vigueur (free fulltext)


  • John Dugard,
    International Law and the South African Constitution (free fulltext)
  • Mark Janis,
    Russia and the 'Legality' of Strasbourg Law (free fulltext)
  • Jean Allain, John R.W.D. Jones,
    A Patchwork of Norms: A Commentary on the 1996 Draft Code of Crimes against the Peace and Security of Mankind (free fulltext)
  • Virginia A. Leary,
    The WTO and the Social Clause: Post-Singapore (free fulltext)

International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia : Current Survey

  • Faiza Patel King, Anne-Marie La Rosa,
    The Jurisprudence of the Yugoslavia Tribunal: 1994-1996 (free fulltext)

Review Essay

  • Anthony Carty,
    Theory of /or Theory instead of/ International Law (free fulltext)

Book Reviews

Book Reviews