Issue Vol. 8 (1997) No. 4

Symposium : The Changing Structure of International Law Revisited (Part 2)

Symposium : Torture: The Challenges of Doctrine and Monitoring

  • Eyal Benvenisti,
    The Role of National Courts in Preventing Torture of Suspected Terrorists (free fulltext)
  • Roland Bank,
    International Efforts to Combat Torture and Inhuman Treatment: Have the New Mechanisms Improved Protection? (free fulltext)


  • Kate Fitzgerald,
    Problems Of Prosecution and Adjudication of Rape and Other Sexual Assaults under International Law (free fulltext)
  • Marie-Françoise Lücker-Babel,
    Les reserves a la Convention des Nations Unies relative aux droits de l'enfant et la sauvegarde de l'objet et du but du traite international (free fulltext)

Book Reviews

  • I. Govaere. The Use and Abuse of Intellectual Property Rights in E.C. Law (Ari Afilalo)
  • Andreas F. Lowenfeld. International Litigation and the Quest for Reasonableness: Essays in Private International Law (Cait Clarke-Shister)
  • B.G. Ramcharan. The Principle of Legality in International Human Rights Institutions (P. A.)
  • Ryszard Cholewinski. Migrant Workers in International Human Rights Law: Their Protection in Countries of Employment (P. A.)
  • Marcel M. Brus. Third Party Dispute Settlement in an Interdependent World: Developing an International Framework (Andreas L. Paulus)
  • Jalil Kasto. The United Nations: A Global Organization - Its Evolution, Achievements, Failure and Reconstruction. (Larrisa Behrendt)