Issue Vol. 7 (1996) No. 4


  • Menno T. Kamminga,
    State Succession in Respect of Human Rights Treaties (free fulltext)
  • Peter Malanczuk,
    Some Basic Aspects of the Agreements Between Israel and the PLO from the Perspective of International Law (free fulltext)

Symposium : Towards an International Criminal Court

  • Daphna Shraga, Ralph Zacklin,
    The International Criminal Tribunal For Rwanda (free fulltext)
  • Kai Ambos,
    Establishing an International Criminal Court and an International Criminal Code: Observations from an International Criminal Law Viewpoint (free fulltext)


  • August Reinisch,
    Widening the US Embargo Against Cuba Extraterritorially: A Few Public International Law Comments on the 'Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (LIBERTAD) Act of 1996' (free fulltext)
  • Paola Gaeta,
    The Armed Conflict in Chechnya before the Russian Constitutional Court (free fulltext)

The International Practice of the European Communities : Current Survey

  • Edwin Vermulst, Bart Driessen,
    Commercial Defence Actions and Other International Trade Developments in the European Communities No. XI: 1 January 1996 - 30 June 1996 (free fulltext)

Book Reviews