Issue Vol. 5 (1994) No. 1


  • Nicholas Onuf,
    The Constitution of International Society (free fulltext)

Symposium : Counter-measures and Dispute Settlement: The Current Debate within the ILC

  • Gaetano Arangio-Ruiz,
    Counter-measures and Amicable Dispute Settlement Means in the Implementation of State Responsibility: A Crucial Issue before the International Law Commission (free fulltext)
  • Vladlen S. Vereshchetin,
    Some Observations on the New Proposal on Dispute Settlement (free fulltext)
  • Mohamed Bennouna,
    Le reglement des differends peut-il limiter le <<droit>> de se faire justice a soi-meme? (free fulltext)
  • James Crawford,
    Counter-measures as Interim Measures (free fulltext)
  • Christian Tomuschat,
    Are Counter-measures Subject to Prior Recourse to Dispute Settlement Procedures? (free fulltext)
  • Derek Bowett,
    The Impact of Security Council Decisions on Dispute Settlement Procedures (free fulltext)
  • Bruno Simma,
    Counter-measures and Dispute Settlement: A Plea for a Different Balance (free fulltext)
  • Luigi Condorelli,
    Le reglement des differends en matiere de responsabilite internationale des Etats: quelques remarques candides sur le debatala C.D.I. (free fulltext)


  • A. Draft Articles 11-14 Proposed by the Special Rapporteur in his Fourth Report and Referred to the Drafting Committee by the Commission at its Forty-Fourth Session in 1992 (free fulltext)

Forum : The Baghdad Bombing: Self-defence or Reprisals?

  • W. Michael Reisman,
    The Raid on Baghdad: Some Reflections on its Lawfulness and Implications (free fulltext)
  • Luigi Condorelli,
    A propos de l'attaque americaine contre l'Irak du 26 juin 1993: Lettre d'un professeur desempare aux lecteurs du JEDI (free fulltext)

Review Essay

  • Ulrich Fastenrath,
    Lücken im Völkerrect. Zu Rechtscharakter, Ouellen, Systemzusammenhang, Methodenlehre und Funktionen des Völkerrechts (free fulltext)

Symposium : Europe and the World: The Post-Maastricht Interface

  • Franklin Dehousse, Katelyne Ghemar,
    Le traite de Maastricht et les relations exterieures de la Communaute europeenne (free fulltext)
  • Florika Fink-Hoozjer,
    The Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union (free fulltext)
  • Andrew Evans,
    Third Country Nationals and the Treaty on European Union (free fulltext)

Symposium : The European Torture Committee after Five Years: An Assessment

  • Jim Murdoch,
    The Work of the Council of Europe's Torture Committee (free fulltext)
  • Malcolm Evans, Rod Morgan,
    The European Torture Committee: Membership Issues (free fulltext)


  • Joachim Wieland,
    Germany in the European Union - The Maastricht Decision of the Bundesverfassungsgericht (free fulltext)
  • Emmanuel Decaux,
    La CSCE au lendemain du Conseil de Rome: un bilan de la transition institutionnelle (free fulltext)

The International Practice of the European Communities : Current Survey

  • Edwin Vermulst, Folkert Graafsma,
    Commercial Defence Actions and Other International Trade Developments in the European Communities VII: 1 July 1993-31 December 1993 (free fulltext)
  • Shirley V. Scott,
    International Law as Ideology: Theorizing the Relationship between International Law and International Politics (free fulltext)

Symposium : The Yugoslav Crisis: New International Law Issues

  • Christine Chinkin,
    Rape and Sexual Abuse of Women in International Law (free fulltext)
  • Drazen Petrovic,
    Ethnic Cleansing - An Attempt at Methodology (free fulltext)
  • Daphna Shraga, Ralph Zacklin,
    The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (free fulltext)
  • Rafaëlle Maison,
    Les ordormances de la CIJ clans l'affaire relative a l'application de la Convention sur la prevention et la repression du crime de genocide (free fulltext)


  • Jean-François Flauss,
    Les conditions d'admission des pays d'Europe centrale et orientale sein du Conseil de l'Europe (free fulltext)
  • Eyal Benvenisti,
    Judges and Foreign Affairs: A Comment on the Institut de Droit International's Resolution on 'The Activities of National Courts and the International Relations of their State' (abstract) (free fulltext)

Book Reviews

  • Arie Bloed. he Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe - Analysis and Basic Documents (R. D.)
  • Arie Bloed, Liselotte Leicht, Manfred Nowak, Allan Rosas. Monitoring Human Rights in Europe. Comparing International Procedures and Mechanisms (Bruno Simma)
  • Alberta Fabbricotti. 'L'ingresso degli stranieri extra-comunitari ed il trattamento delle domande d'asilo nelle legislazioni dei paesi della C.E.E.', Abhandlungen zu Flüchtlingsfragen (Rut Rubio Marin)
  • Françoise Furkel, Heike Jung. Bioéthique et Droits de l'Homme (François D. Lafond)
  • Hélène Gaudemet-Tallon. Les Conventions de Bruxelles et de Lugano - Compétence internationale, reconnaissance et exécution des jugements en Europe (Marc Fallon)
  • Antoine Kaissis. Le nouveau droit européen des contrats internationaux (Marc Fallon)
  • Jean-François Guilhaudis. L'Europe en transition (R. D.)
  • Manfred Nowak. UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. CCPR Comment (Bruno Simma)
  • Birgit Schmidt am Busch. Die amerikanisch-sowjetische Rüstungskontrollabkommen im Recht der völkerrechtlichen Verträge (Hanspeter Neuhold)

The International Practice of the European Communities : Current Survey

  • Christoph Vedder, Hans-Peter Folz,
    A Survey of Principal Decisions of the European Court of Justice Pertaining to International Law in 1993 (free fulltext)
  • Friedrich Kratochwil,
    The Limits of Contract (free fulltext)
  • Helmut Freudenschuß,
    Between Unilateralism and Collective Security: Authorizations of the Use of Force by the UN Security Council (free fulltext)
  • Mária Aristodemou,
    Choice and Evasion in Judicial Recognition of Governments: Lessons from Somalia (free fulltext)
  • Andrew Clapham,
    Creating the High Commissioner for Human Rights: The Outside Story (free fulltext)
  • Folkert Graafsma, Bart Driessen,
    Commercial Defence Actions and Other International Trade Developments in the European Communities VIII: 1 January 1994 - 30 June 1994 (free fulltext)