Book reviews

  • Etienne, Henri;
    , European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; , EU Phare Programme; Investors' environmental guidelines. Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania (free fulltext)
    [Vol. 6 (1995) No. 1]
  • Gross, Oren;
    Fox, Hazel; A. Meyer, Michael; Armed Conflict and the New Law. Effecting Compliance (Vol. II) (free fulltext)
    [Vol. 6 (1995) No. 1]
  • Jodoin, S├ębastien;
    Aaronson, Susan Ariel; Zimmerman, Jamie M.; Trade Imbalance: The Struggle to Weigh Human Rights Concerns in Trade Policymaking (free fulltext)
    [Vol. 20 (2009) No. 2]
  • W, JHH;
    Holbein, James R.; Musch, Donald J.; NAFTA Final Text, Summary, Legislative History & Implementation Directory Raworth, Philip; Reif, Linda C.; The Law of the WTO Norton,, Joseph J; Bloodworth, Thomas L.; Pennington, Terry K.; NAFTA and Beyond Abbott, Frederick M.; Law and Policy of Regional Integration: The NAFTA and Western Hemispheric Integration in the World Trade Organization System (free fulltext)
    [Vol. 7 (1996) No. 1]
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