Book reviews

  • Sabel, Robbie;
    Kattan, Victor; From Coexistence to Conquest, International Law and the Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1891-1949 (free fulltext)
    [Vol. 21 (2010) No. 4]
  • Safferling, Christoph J.M.;
    Scott (ed.), Craig; Torture as Tort: Comparative Perspectives on the Development of Transnational Human Rights Litigation (free fulltext)
    [Vol. 14 (2003) No. 2]
  • Safrin, Sabrina;
    Ranganathan, Surabhi; Strategically Created Treaty Conflicts and the Politics of International Law (free fulltext)
    [Vol. 26 (2015) No. 4]
  • Sand, Peter H.;
    Okowa, Phoebe N.; State Responsibility for Transboundary Air Pollution in International Law Romano, Cesare P. R.; The Peaceful Settlement of International Environmental Disputes: A Pragmatic Approach Weiss, Brown; Harold K., Edith; Harold K., Jacobson; Engaging Countries: Strengthening Compliance with International Accords Ehrmann, Markus; Erfüllungskontrolle im Umweltvölkerrecht (free fulltext)
    [Vol. 13 (2002) No. 2]
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